Google or Face Book who makes better adrevenue?

Google Vs FaceBook Quick Comparison (2017 data)

Google Vs Facebook

While we skim through the details at a high level for now, deep research will reveal their long term plan is not just through adrevenue only. Sensitive topic, it is not covered here for now.

Is it wise comparing Google and Face book just by looking at the way they make money?

The Issue is not in the method but in the platform itself and how do consumersgoogle-ads-ppc-management.png consume the information. Let me try answer it through a different question. If you want to buy a product or service where do you go to search for information..the answer is quite obvious it is one and only Google. Whether it is transactional, navigational or for any information. Google uses pull strategy which helps them to build more traffic at their site.

When a consumer of content is on google they are actively looking for some piece of information and telling google exactly what they are looking for at the specific moment. The ads displayed are relevant at the exact moment to the specific customer.

That said how Facebook generate ad revenue? again the answer is simple, targeted advertisement based on you past search, discussions in forums, likes and dislikes. FB uses push strategy, users do not actively look for specific product or service, they areFacebook Ads just there to either  to share or digest information from their friends or others they follow. The ads are shown based on the demographics or from the pages or groups.

Because of the above differences in the actual content being consumed, we will never see Facebook rise upto the level of google in ad revenues considering their level of innovation on Voice search, Image search etc.

In short, both giants are not offering anything free for us, the cost of providing the service is almost nothing when compared to kind of revenue that they are harvesting through us.

In India, Internet data pack is almost free now, what are we doing, more photos, Videos, Memes and the list goes on… who is/are benefited the most? Yes you got the answer right…(both of us..isn’t it?) 🙂


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