Days without Cell Phone!

adult-black-and-white-cell-phone-1064103.jpgSharing my personal experience after I lost my phone about 5 days back. Thought I will punish my self for being casual (careless) but it worked other way around. Hence I felt it is good to write a blog on those experiences

What do you think I must be missing out? Critical calls? information about what is happening around?, Bank transaction? Share market details? Group Chats?….

Here is what the flip side of what I gained in the last 5 days..

  • Become more responsible distraction but enjoyed the IlayarajaPhone musicals every time I enter the car
  • Missed few selfies with my daughter but spent plenty of time with family
  • Highly productive at office, not looking at breaking news, whatsapp chats (I am not a big fan of facebook hence already spared), I can feel my eyes are blooming..
  • No sales calls, no frequent call from home minister (Wife), no calls from bosses demanding information or status in next 2 hrs
  • Of all the above I was free from *non ionizing radiation (though mine had lowest SAR Value)
  • Most importantly, I was kind of away from the eyes of Google and Facebook tracking
  • No run around to charge or worried for low battery
    • *Nonionising radiation does not penetrate deep into the tissues but increases therisk of damage to the skin and eyes. Dependent on the energy and exposure time,nonionising radiation can cause localised heating, or photochemical reactions can occur with possible permanent harm. Exposure should therefore be minimised.

After going through this experience of being without cellphone, I feel that we should start following “No Cell Phone Day”, people will get a chance to at least realize what we are losing. That said, in this generation you can’t completely get away from using cell phone due to network effect (FFRs – Friends, Families and Relatives) and societal pressure.

Sorrrry..I am not doing any campaign against cell phone by the way my new mobile phone oneplus 6 is on the way….(but certainly enjoying no cell phone days)..

Watch this hilarious Video”Family can’t stop texting on dinner table”





1 thought on “Days without Cell Phone!

  1. Similar experience i went thru few years back….!!


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